October 2020 Press Release: GRC Awarded #1 Best Place to Work!

GRC Awarded #1 Best Place to Work!

Gardner Resources Consulting Ranks #1 on Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work List for the 20 – 49 Employees Category

October 6, 2020


The Best Places to Work awards are determined using employee responses to a survey powered by Quantum Workplace. The finalists are announced in the spring, but the rankings are not announced until the award ceremony, which was originally slated for June. Not unlike most events and activities of 2020, COVID-19 postponed the Boston Business Journal’s Best Places to Work event. After difficult decisions, and much planning, the Boston Business Journal announced in June that the awards would be held virtually on the evening of September 30th.

September 30th finally arrived. Like the past two years, the Gardner Resources Consulting team gathered; unlike the past two years, they did so via ZOOM. It was with much anticipation and excitement that the team watched the first 10 companies claim their spots. It was with abject suspense that they awaited the top 3. When #2 was called and it wasn’t GRC, the joy was palpable.

2020 hasn’t been much in the way of good news, but the night of the 30th felt so refreshing it was almost nostalgic. GRC has always been a very close team, and working remotely since March has made the levity and community of the office sorely missed. Though ZOOM meetings are held daily, phone calls are more frequent than our children’s temper tantrums, and emails are peppered back and forth all day, we miss the office life that we attested to in our surveys.

What does it mean to be a Best Place to Work? Last year, most of us would have said something about fun, unity, and laughs. We are still all those things, but this year it has meant so much more. 2020 has been a year of decisions – some have been extremely difficult while others have been easy, though no less important. The GRC management team has proven how much leadership means, while the individuals who comprise the company have been nothing but supportive. What does it mean to be a Best Place to Work? To this team, it means being the company we are.


The Traveling Steve celebrating GRC’s win with the team.