hiring for the future - the value of experience

In an industry that is growing rapidly, Life Sciences companies need to be ready for change. Exercising corporate foresight is becoming increasingly more critical so companies can anticipate what regulatory and market trends are coming next, plan in response, and position themselves well for long term stability and success. Having processes that enable the business to be anticipatory and responsive in this way, will give you an advantage in a competitive marketplace.

When it comes to staffing, hiring permanent, full-time staff to fill current needs can be short-sighted in a growth environment. With so many contactors currently working within Life Sciences, focusing only on permanent hiring can reduce your chances of finding the right candidate match for your environment. Often times permanent hiring processes can be cumbersome and lengthy reducing your chances of solidifying and retaining talent while your competitors may have quicker hiring cycles. In addition, this can lead to high turnover of permanent employees and new hires, since the demands of the business will evolve over time, and you will need different skill sets at different stages of this evolution. Making the right staffing decisions starts with having a sound recruitment strategy that has not only accounted for the emerging needs of the business but is anticipatory of future needs. Establishing a long view through this process will allow the business to sustain and continue to build on growth.

Hiring contractors allows the business to be agile in this way by enabling you to bring in a skill set right when it is needed and to relinquish that resource once the job is complete. You benefit from the experience contractors can provide to get you from one stage to the next as you continue to face new challenges – they’ve seen these challenges before, and they know how to tackle them. This strategy also provides a variable expense model to assist with the fluctuation of your business highs and lows, providing the opportunity to try before you buy with potential contract-to-hire opportunities. This approach compliments a future-oriented vision by providing the ability to quickly scale the workforce to accommodate growth, and to adjust staffing as needed to chart the right path for the future.