The unspoken cost of hiring...

The need to hire can shift your focus away from other priorities. This is particularly true in Life Sciences when it comes to filling Quality Assurance roles that require specialized skill sets to manage GMP, medical affairs, clinical operations, and other technical responsibilities. The talent pool for Quality Assurance professionals is very narrow because of the amount of specialization involved in this type of role and a result of multiple companies competing for the same resources. Candidates often have multiple offers in play and are often increasing their rates and salaries. This makes hiring a challenging task for employers within the Life Sciences market. In addition to juggling the added responsibilities of hiring, staffing gaps inherently place more of a burden on you and your team to ensure that there is sufficient coverage to keep up with operational demands until vacant roles can be filled.

All of this adds up to the unspoken cost of lost time.

Not only do you lose time because of the burden of hiring, you must frequently shift contexts to keep all projects and tasks moving forward. Having to divide your attention wastes more time than you might realize. According to the American Psychological Association, shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40% of a person’s productive time*. For Life Sciences companies, lost time can end up compromising the quality and safety of products as well as slow down critical approvals, making your ability to focus essential to the success of the business.

For those specialized roles and projects, accessing contractors who are fully vetted and proven resources allows you to transition people with the right skills into the company quickly so you don’t lose time.