how to match your company growth to hiring rate

In today’s competitive hiring market, it is paramount for a Life Science company to make hiring decisions fast and to ensure the quality of those hires, match the pace of their growth.  This approach increases the organization’s speed to market, ensures products are created safely and efficiently and helps to retain highly sought after, in-demand, technical talent.  Time to hire can be a key determinant in whether a company is able to scale successfully in today’s competitive marketplace. 


The average cost of a bad hire, according to the department of labour, is around 30% of that employee’s first-year earnings – not only do hiring mistakes have a financial cost to the business, but they also slow down overall business production.  The effects of a hiring mistake can be felt across the organization.  Calculate each person’s hourly rate who was involved in the new hire process, and you have a better understanding of the true costs and impact of a hiring mistake.  Time wasted on hiring delays and hiring mistakes can create operational constraints, which lead to missed opportunities that hinder and slow growth.  Hiring mistakes and delays also create burn out for existing staff while they are expected to manage the additional workload.


 It is essential to have access to a quality talent pool of Clinical & Scientific professionals to quickly make strategic hiring decisions.  It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find workers with specialized skills and the market for Life Sciences talent continues to become more competitive each day.  The 2021 Life Sciences Workforce Trends Report indicates increasing demand for quality control and quality assurance professionals* (narrow talent pool) – Here at GRC Life Sciences, we understand that a relentless focus on quality is essential to meet Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) standards within regulatory requirements.  Our Recruiters understand how to properly qualify Life Science professionals and our organization gives you access to a pool of proven and highly experienced QA & QC contractors who can make an immediate, positive impact on your environment.  


Having access to our talent pool provides you with top level talent within the industry. Having the right team in place stimulates business growth and gives you a competitive advantage in the market.  It’s a proven fact that quality teams make safe and more efficient products as well as create operational efficiencies.