Latinx Women's Equal Pay Day

Latinx womens Equal Pay day

On October 29th, 2021 we celebrate Latinx Women's Equal Pay Day, which is a day that is set aside to bring awareness to a national issue, which has become more prominent during COVID-19.

Why October 29th, 2021?: According to an Insight Into Diversity Article: "Latina Equal Pay Day is recognized on October 29 this year and changes annually based on when the average Latina woman’s earnings match White, non-Hispanic, men’s pay from the year prior." Latina woman would have to work until the age of 90 to retire having made the same amount a White, non-Hispanic man would make by 60. 

This year Forbes recorded that Latina women lose more than 1 million dollars in a lifetime being paid as low as $0.46 to a White, non-Hispanic man's dollar. "On top of this, only 36.3% of individuals in the entire Hispanic community are receiving healthcare." 

It's Gotten Worse During COVID-19: It's easy to read these numbers and be shocked; however, the issues that contribute to these outcomes are deeply-rooted in our policies, economies, and market places. There are many factors contributing to this intolerable pay gap, including: educational opportunities, anti-immigrant sentiments, occupational segregation, and discriminatory policies according to Insight on Diversity.

This issue has become increasingly detrimental during COVID-19. With over 60% of Latina mothers working as the primary income earners for their families - the lack of income and access to healthcare tickles down to impact everyone in the community, including the elderly and children. Studies from the Economic Policy Institute reveal that: Latinx children ages 0–14 are 3.3 times as likely to die from coronavirus as white children ages 0–14.

What Can You Do to Help: Discuss, educate, and participate in the market. This issue, like many other racially fueled problems in our country, comes down to awareness and education. It's important that we as a community, especially in staffing - understand the pitfalls of our markets so we can work to change them.

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