Top 5 Tech Skills Fall 2021

You don't have to work in Information Technology, or IT Staffing for that matter, to know IT is an in-demand field with hundreds of different skillsets and technologies to specialize in.

With so many options, it can be challenging when deciding what to focus on. We're here to outline the Top 5 IT Skills we're seeing in the market today, and why you may want to consider reading up on them! 

Workday HCM As long as people power businesses, people management softwares will always be around. It's no surprise that Workday roles have been on the rise. Similarly to the massive layoffs we saw in the beginning of COVID-19, the ending of COVID-19 will bring a massive onboarding, requiring someone to manage the backend.

UI Development is another market that has fluctuated post-pandemic. Not unlike individual employees, entire companies have felt the weight of this pandemic at their core. It's made us all assess what's important. Many companies are taking on re-branding projects to demonstrate new values, products, or ways that they are doing things. There's no one better than a skilled UI Developer to help with the task. Check out BrainStations article on What Skills You Need to Be a UI Designer.

Python is one of the most dynamic technologies on this list, having a hand in machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), data science, development and more. It's also one of the fastest growing technologies in the last 10 years. It doesn't hurt that Python is one of the easier languages to read and write.

Python Graph

Image Source: Stack Overflow

Tableau is a tool that enables its users to analyze, process, and leverage enormous amounts of data. Like Python, Tableau is one of those skillsets that isn't bad to have in your back pocket, as it can be integrated with any type of software or programming language. Tableau was named Gartner Research's top tool 7 times in a row for business intelligence and data visualization.

AWS or Amazon Web Service: is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon. It's one of the three major players in the cloud platform space. So, why learn about it? AWS has a worldwide cloud market share of over 32%. Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google do not have migration options. This means that organizations must depend on professionals to customize the tool - checking all three candidate search boxes: lucrative, stable, in-demand.